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I am available for graphic and logo design for SME businesses. I will work with the client to create a sleek and elegant logo that is visually appealing and also reflects the essence of their business.

Currently, I have designed logos for a number of brands for mental health, including Headway, PWE, Underdogg Comics and Psyecology.

The Headway logo brief was simple, bright colours that included heads facing each other in conversation. I decided to go for blue and orange to reflect both sides of emotions, positive and negative. The client was really pleased with the outcome as it fit their brief and is now recognisable for their brand.

The thought process behind the PWE is about how to develop a positive mental wellbeing in life and at work. Again, this logo wanted to use imagery of a person’s head, but with connotations of how their brain can be charged for success if their mindset is right. For this reason, I opted to put a fully charged battery in the place of the brain to show that the person is at the top of their game mentally.

The Underdogg logo was my own creation, but I decided to work on a logo that can be incorporated into the brand. Although the design of Underdogg has changed now, I still like how this logo turned out.

Finally, the Psyecology logo, where the brief was more complex, allowed me to utilise my pointillism skills to create a ‘tree of knowledge’ with each branch bearing a symbol that represents what the business does. The logo was going on a minimalist site, and the client wanted a monochrome feel to it.

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