Comics are something I’ve been interested from a young age. As a visual art form that expresses narratives, I love how comics give the illustrator the freedom to tell any story in a creative way by varying different aspects of the medium such as panels, speech bubbles, captions and images.

In my early years, I created simple superhero comics about my childhood teddy bear, the comic style stuck with me from then, but of course the content, themes and artwork matured as I got older.

Because of the endless possibilities when creating a comic, I have worked on two, very different comics:

Ravensky is a semi-political comic that was created as part of my final piece at university and depicts social class struggles in a fantasy world with talking birds. It involves some light humour, but the main focus is on the fantasy and political elements of the story.

Underdogg is a comic that was created with the Psyecology group to teach young children about the importance of positive mental wellbeing. You can visit the Underdogg site through the link below.

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